Today Patch 1.3.1

On 03.02. around 8:00 o’clock MEZ the newest New World update version 1.3.1 will be installed. First and foremost, it is about lifting the problems that have arisen with the mutators.

  • Fixed a bug where rapidly dropping and picking up items from could cause them to disappear from the bag and inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where collision geometry could disappear at region borders.
  • To prevent limited time bags of Juniper Berries from being exploited, and to add a layer of progression and potential for extra coin for players at end game, we updated the coin rewards payout from the as follows:
    • Level 1-9 – 1-5 coins
    • Level 10-19 – 5-15 coins
    • Level 20-29 – 10-30 coins
    • Level 30-39 – 20-50 coins
    • Level 40-49 – 30-75 coins
    • Level 50-59 – 40-150 coins
    • Level 60 – 50-200 coins
  • Housing system has had an overhaul on how data is being stored. This is to prevent issues with players losing their houses or items therein.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not fast travel to home or respawn at home after relogging from exit to desktop.
  • Known issue: The weekly Mutator schedule rotation may fail to rotate. We have added additional code to help us track down the issue.
  • Speculative Fix:
    • Fixed a bug where the UI could incorrectly select an incorrect item briefly after scrolling. Now, wherever the cursor currently is at the time of the click is the item that is selected. We suspect this was leading to players salvaging an incorrect item on accident.
  • Void Gauntlet
    • Fixed an issue where Mending Evasion would reset your lowest active cooldown.
  • Rapier
    • Fixed an issue where sheathing the Rapier after triggering Evade would result in the player getting a persistent movement speed buff.
  • Ice Gauntlet
    • Fixed an issue where the Ice Gauntlet’s Punishing Storm was increasing all player damage and not just the Ice Storm’s damage.
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