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  • Engineering belongs to the group of crafts.
  • Maximum level 200
  • With engineering you can make muskets, bows, spears and axes.
  • Manufacture arrows and cartridges for weapons.
  • Gathering tools for mining, harvesting, logging, fishing as well as skinning.
  • Buff potions for gathering tools (5-15% more resources)
  • Buildings: Workshop and Forge Tier 2-5

Leveling Engineering from 1-200

For each item you craft you get experience. For items that are available from Skill Level 0, you’ll get significantly fewer experience points compared to an item that is unlocked at Level 150. Theoretically you can increase your Skill Level with every item. But beware: The cheapest material is not always the cheapest solution!

In my opinion, the most sensible way to level up your profession is by crafting Gathering Tools. You learn how to make a Skinning Knife in the first few minutes of the story, and you even get the Flint Tools as a gift in the following quests, but the demand for better tools with perks is enormous.

Cartridges and arrows are also in demand, but other players can buy these ammunition from their faction trader.

Option 1: Bows


33.685 x Treated Wood Bow

Requires Workshop Tier 2

To craft these bows the following materials are required:

  • 404.220 x Timber
  • 101.055 x Rawhide
  • 67.370 x Linen

The raw materials required for this are calculated as follows:

  • 1.616.880 Green Wood
  • 404.220 Rawhide
  • 269.480 Fibers

These values are based on the required experience of 6.871.800 to bring engineering from 1 to 200! Crafting a bow grants 204 experience points. Since you can salvage the bows again, you get some of the materials back, so you will need less materials in the end.

The advantage of this variant is that you can farm these materials very easily and quickly.

Option 2: Gunpowder and Spears


140 x Gunpowder

Requires Workshop Tier 2

To craft this amount of gunpowder you need the following materials:

  • 700 Charcoal
  • 280 Flint
  • 140 Saltpeter


192 x Lacquered Wood Spear

Requires Forge Tier 3

To craft this amount of spears you need the following materials:

  • 2.112 Lumber
  • 960 Iron Ingot
  • 384 Rawhide

Since you can salvage the spears again, you will get some of the materials back, which is why you will need fewer materials in the end.


344 x Wyrdwood Spear

Requires Forge Tier 4

To craft this spears you need the following materials:

  • 4.116 Wyrdwood Planks
  • 1.715 Iron Ingots
  • 686 Coarse Leather

Since you can salvage the spears you will get back a bunch of materials and need less.


557 x Ironwood Spear

Requires Forge Tier 5

To craft this spears you need the following materials:

  • 7.228 Ironwood Planks
  • 2.780 Iron Ingots
  • 1112 Coarse Leather

Since you can salvage the spears you will get back a bunch of materials and need less.

Option 3: Coin Tipp

This way to level takes much longer, but above all brings a lot of coins. You build your profession up to skill 100 with gunpowder or bows and then start making Starmetal tools. From skill 150 you start with the production of Orichalcum tools, which sells best.

For this process you need large amounts of Azoth, because only if (good) effects are on the tools, they will be bought.

If you don’t want to craft Bows all the way I recommend crafting a mixture of all five tools, since we also want to sell them again at the trading post. As you can see, you can decide the perks (if you already have Special Resources) yourself. With Azoth, you heighten your chance to get a perk from low to high.


Starmetal and Wyrwood Tools

Requires Workshop Tier 4

From this point on, manufacturing becomes much more expensive if you buy your materials at the trading post. But since gathering professions are very popular, you have a good chance to even make some profit with the tools.
With the Tier 4 Starmetal tools and the Wyrdwood Pole you have the possibility to get up to 3 perks for the first time.

If you do not add a Special Resource or Azoth during crafting, the quality level will remain at Common. With Azoth, you have a very high chance of getting a Rare quality level.


Orichalcum and Ironwood Tools

Requires Workshop Tier 5

For the production of the Tier 5 tools you need one of the most expensive ingots in the game made of Orichalcum Ore.
Orichalcum Ore is the rarest ore which you will find more in high level areas in the north of the map. With a mining level of 150 you can mine your own Orichalcum Ore. newworld-map can show you all available Orichalcum Nodes.

For the Fishing Pole you need Ironwood which you can get from Logging Level 175.

If you don’t add a perk or Azoth during crafting, the quality level will remain at Common. With Azoth you have a very high chance to get an Epic quality level.

Where to obtain crafting materials

The easiest and fastest way is always through the trading post. However, this option can be very expensive. If your goal is to farm all resources yourself, you will need the professions Harvesting and Mining.

Are you always wondering where to get which herbs and ores? That’s what is for!
Use the filter function to search for the item and get a list of places where you can harvest the materials.

Quick Info: Special Resources

Effects are random in low chance crafting unless you add a special raw material.

By default, you always have a small chance of an effect, this chance can be increased by Azoth. With an effect the quality of the item changes.

Besondere Rohstoffe verbessern die Eigenschaft eines Gegenstands

With these special resources you can determine attributes like strength, dexterity, buffs against NPCs, etc. You can buy these effects from other players at the trading post or collect them yourself from enemies or chests.

If you have Azoth, I recommend you use it for crafting, because the higher the quality level (Common, Untypical, Rare, etc.) the more valuable the armor is at the trading post.

Quick Info: Azoth

Azoth is a special resource on Aeternum because it can be obtained and used in many ways. You will be rewarded with Azoth for certain tasks or you can mine it from nature with the right effect.

It is used for fast travel through Aeternum but also for crafting items.
By default, most items have only a low chance of gaining attributes, effects, and gem slots. With the addition of Azoth, they have a high chance.

You should therefore always use Azoth when crafting if possible, as your item will become much more valuable and efficient with effects and sockets.

When you use better materials to craft items, the armor value increases and you can use more Azoth.

The more effects you have on your item, the higher its quality level (Common, Untypical, Rare, etc.) will be.

Quick Info: Better Materials

There is also the possibility to use more expensive materials for the production. For example, if you don’t have rough leather, but coarse leather, you can click on the leather and remove the checkmark from the “Owned Items” box.
Now you can see which materials you can use.

The rank and rarity of the primary material determines the rank as well as the armor value of the manufactured item. For example, if you use an atypical material instead of a common one, the item becomes at least atypical.

The rank and rarity of the secondary materials affect the Gear Score of the crafted item. As mentioned above, a higher value allows you to use more Azoth.

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