Basics about Furnishing

  • Furnishing belongs to the group of crafts.
  • Maximum level 200
  • Building: Workshop Tier 2-5

With Furnishing you make almost only items for Housing. Starting with chairs over curtains up to dishes. If you don’t own a house, you can still earn some money with this profession.

Not all recipes and blueprints can be learned directly from the skill book. Some plans can be found in chests or dropped by NPCs. These items are worth quite a bit. You can also find such plans at the trading post.

Besides housing items, you are able to create potions against Affliction.

Leveling Furnishing from 1-200

For each item you craft you get experience. For items that are available from Skill Level 0, you’ll get significantly fewer experience points compared to an item that is unlocked at Level 150. Theoretically you can increase your Skill Level with every item. But beware: The cheapest material is not always the cheapest solution!

In contrast to the other Crafting professions, we only have Ash Stain (Level 0), Marple Stain (Level 50), Oak Stone (Level 100) and Mahogany (level 150). These are stains that you need to make the furniture.
In relation to the production of the furniture these items are much cheaper, but you will never need the amount you would build from 0-200.

As you can see, you can build a lot of items with profession level 0. My recommendation at this point is that you build 1-2 pieces of each furniture and item and post them at the trading post if you don’t use them yourself. It makes no sense to build 500 chairs if you are not able to sell this amount.

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