Fast Travel in New World

In New World there are different ways to get from one point to another quickly. One of them is Fast Travel. To perform fast travel you need Azoth, which you can get through quests, missions and from enemies in the world.

Du kannst damit zu einer Siedlung, einem Aussenposten oder einem Geisterschrein reisen, die du schon einmal besucht hast. Um diese Schnellreisepunkte zu aktivieren musst du nichts weiter tun, als ├╝ber sie laufen, dann erscheint auf deinem Bildschirm eine Meldung, dass der Schnellreisepunkt aktiviert ist.

You can use Fast Travel to travel to a Settlement, Outpost or Spirit Shrine that you have visited before. To activate these quick travel points you don’t have to do anything but walk over them, then a message will appear on your screen that the quick travel point is activated.

Fast Travel to a Spirit Shrine in the Wild

You can access these fast travel points via the map. Either select a fast travel point directly on the map or select a settlement and then click on Fast Travel in the settlement menu.

Fast Travel in the Settlement Menu on the Map

Note: You can only fast travel from a Settlement, Outpost or Spirit Shrine. Simply standing in the wild and using Fast Travel does not work. In this case you can Recall to a Inn, but only if you have registered at an inn, or Recall to a House. Obviously, this only works if you own a house in a settlement.

Fast travel has its price, and it’s Azoth. As you can see in the next picture, there are Base Cost (50 Azoth), Distance Cost (5 Azoth per 100m), Encumbrance Cost (4 Azoth per 10kg – when your bags are full, you pay more!), but also discounts for control by your faction.

Fast Travel Cost Calculation
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