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With the gathering profession Fishing you can catch fish in New World! This profession can be leveled from level 1 to level 200. On this page you will find all the information about this profession and how you can improve your fishing skills even more.

The Basics

Which fish you can catch depends on your profession level. The game lists which level is needed for which fishing spot under (Default Hotkey) K – Trade Skills – Fishing.

Fishing Spots Overview in the game

What does “trackable from” mean?
As soon as you have fishing on level 2 you will see a symbol at the top of the screen on the compass (see picture) which indicates in which direction from your point of view the current one is located.

Near fishing points on your compass

Where can I find which fishing spot?

The higher the skill required for a fishing spot, the less often


With you are provided with an ideal tool that shows you exactly where in the game each fishing spot is located. Under the filter function you can select them.

In the center of the lower screen you can see the coordinates of the fishing spot over which your mouse is located. To see your coordinates in the game, you have to select the option Show FPS under Settings -> Visuals. Now you have the coordinates display at the top right of the screen.

Fishing Spots on

Gathering Tool: Pole

To be able to fish at all you need the appropriate tools. You can either make these tools yourself or buy them at the trading post. During the first quests in the game you will learn how to make a skinning knife at a campfire. In the same way, you can make the Fishing Pole (flint) with a flint and wood right at the beginning.

Fishing poles, like all other tools for the gathering professions, are made by the engineering profession and have a chance to get effects with Tier II or higher. You can learn more about the effects and how to get them in the next paragraph.

Wooden Fishing Pole – Tier I

  • Required Level: 0
  • Max. Cast Distance: 12m
  • Workshop Tier 1
  • Engineering Level 0

Basically, you can catch any fish with it.

Treated Wood Fishing Pole – Tier II

  • Required Level: 5+
  • Max. Cast Distance: 14m
  • Workshop Tier 2
  • Engineering Level 0

With the tang of treated wood you have for the first time the possibility to get an additional perk on your pole.

Aged Wood Fishing Pole – Tier III

  • Required Level: 20
  • Max. Cast Distance: 16m
  • Workshop Tier 3
  • Engineering Level 50

You have a chance to get 2 perks when crafting it.

Wyrdwood Fishing Pole – Tier IV

  • Required Level: 40
  • Max. Cast Distance: 18m
  • Workshop Tier 4
  • Engineering Level 100

As you can see in the picture, this pole already has the chance for 3 perks.

Ironwood Fishing Pole – Tier V

  • Required Level: 60
  • Max. Cast Distance: 20m
  • Workshop Tier 5
  • Engineering Level 150

At this point in time, the Tropical Wood Fishing Rod is the best rod you can use in this game. It requires level 60 and grants a Max Cast Distance of 20m. Can’t go further than that!

Upgrading effects for fishing poles

Effekte sind bei der Herstellung mit geringer Chance zufällig, wenn ihr keinen besonderen Rohstoff hinzufügt.

Standardmässig habt ihr immer eine geringe Chance auf einen Effekt, diese Chance kann durch Azoth erhöht werden. Mit einem Effekt verändert sich die Qualität des Gegenstands.

Special Resources to improve your Tool

The following Effects can be found on Fishing Poles:

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