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The Gathering profession Mining is used to mine stones, ores, oil, gems and alchemist stones in New World. This profession can be leveled from level 1 to level 200. On this page you will find all the information about this profession and how you can improve your mining skills even more.


Which ore you can mine depends on your skill level. The game lists which level is required for which ore under (default hokey) K – Trade Skills – Mining.

Overview of ores in the game

Rocks as well as iron can be mined directly with level 0. Of course, you need a tool for this.
You can find a detailed overview below. From level 10 you can also mine silver.

What does “tracked at” mean?
As soon as you have mining level 25, you will see an ore symbol at the top of the screen on the compass (see picture), which indicates in which direction from your point of view a nearby ore node is located.

Near mining nodes on the compass

Where to find which ore

The higher the required skill for an ore, the rarer they are to find in the world. Basically, you can find all ores in every zone, but they are locally bound to the environment.
For example, you can find oil at swamps, saltpeter in mines and caves, and iron, silver and gold on rocks. The rarest ore – Orichalcum – can be found in larger quantities in the north of the map.


The maps listed below not only show you where to find the desired NPCs, occurrences, animals or items, but also give you coordinates so that you know exactly where to find your chosen farm spot. To see coordinates in the game, you have to select the option Show FPS under Options -> Visuals. Now you have the coordinates display in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the pictures you can see an example of filtering with plants for Harvesting. is a quite detailed tool that allows you to search for something very specifically through its filter function. In the center of the lower screen you can see the coordinates of the location your mouse pointer is over. is available in different languages.

Ores on

Resource: offers you a similar, though at the moment less detailed filter option for materials of all kinds. Here it is a bit easier to quickly get the desired result.

The nodes are displayed cumulatively and are only displayed in more detail when you zoom in, which makes the map much clearer. On the right, lower edge of the screen you can see the coordinates of the occurrences over which your mouse pointer is located.

This map is only available in English at the moment.

Ores on

Gathering Tool: Pick

To be able to mine ore at all, you need the appropriate tool. You can either make these tools yourself or buy them at the trading post. During the first quests in the game you will learn how to make a skinning knife at a campfire. In the same way, you can make the Flint Mining Pick with a flint and wood right at the beginning.

Mining picks, like all other tools for the gathering professions, are made by the Engineering profession and have a chance to get effects from Tier II. You can learn more about the effects and how to get them in the next paragraph.

Flint Mining Pick – Tier I

  • Required Level: 0
  • Base Gather Speed: 100%
  • Workshop Tier 1
  • Engineering Level 0

You can mine any ore with it – but very slowly.

Iron Mining Pick – Tier II

  • Required Level: 5+
  • Base Gather Speed: 125-129%
  • Workshop Tier 2
  • Engineering Level 0

With the Iron Mining Hoe you have the possibility to get an additional perk on your pick for the first time.

Steel Mining Pick – Tier III

  • Required Level: 20
  • Base Gather Speed: 250%
  • Workshop Tier 3
  • Engineering Level 50

This pick has the chance for 2 perks.

Starmetal Mining Pick – Tier IV

  • Required Level: 40
  • Base Gather Speed: 400%
  • Workshop Tier 4
  • Engineering Level 100

As you can see on the screenshot, this pick can have up to 3 perks.

Orichalcum Mining Pick – Tier V

  • Required Level: 60
  • Base Gather Speed: 625%
  • Workshop Tier 5
  • Engineering Level 150

At this point, the Orichalcum Mining Pick is the best pick you can use in this game.

Perks for Mining Picks

Effekte sind bei der Herstellung mit geringer Chance zufällig, wenn ihr keinen besonderen Rohstoff hinzufügt.

Standardmässig habt ihr immer eine geringe Chance auf einen Effekt, diese Chance kann durch Azoth erhöht werden. Mit einem Effekt verändert sich die Qualität des Gegenstands.

Special Resources to improve your Tool

For mining hacks there are the following effects, which can be specified by Special Resources:

Further Improve your Mining Yields

Perks like Mining Luck and Mining Yield can also be found on crafted Armor.


Mining Buff Food

IRoasted Potatoes1 Potato, 1 Butter, 1 Peppercorn
IIHerb-roasted Potatoes1 Potato, 1 Honey, 1 Butter, 1 Cinnamon
IIIBoiled Potatoes1 Potato, 1 Water, 1 Seasoning Blend, 1 Butter, 1 Cauliflower
IVPoultry with Roasted Potatoes1 Potato, 1 Poultry, 1 Seasoning Blend, 1 Nut, 1 Sausage, 1 Butter
IVSalted Roasted Vegetables1 Potato, 1 Squash, 1 Nut, 1 Salt, 1 Butter, 1 Parsley, 1 Oregano
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