The thing about Storage

In New World you have a Storage Shed in each settlement. This is great, of course, because it means that you have plenty of space for your goods all over Aeternum. Less great is that you have to be in the respective settlement to access the Storage Shed.

In the Storage Shed interface in the settlement there is a dropdown menu where you can set the storage location. This way you can see the contents of all your Storage Sheds, but you can’t access them. This is only possible if the warehouse you want to access is located in a settlement thats controlled by your faction.

But beware: trying to get something out of storage from a distance sometimes comes with hefty fees.

Eine andere Möglichkeit, dein Lager von überall aus einzusehen ist, die Karte zu öffnen (Standard-Hotkey M) und die Siedlung in der du dein Lager sehen möchtest anzuklicken. Auf der rechten Seite öffnet sich dann ein Interface, das dir erlaubt auf Mein Lager zuzugreifen.

Another way to view your camp from anywhere is to open the map (Default Hotkey: M) and click on the settlement where you want to see your Storage Shed. On the right side, an interface will open that allows you to access My Storage.

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