Outpost Rush

Thursday, 28. October 2021

What is the Outpost Rush?

Outpost Rush is a large-scale 20 vs 20 PvPvE event available to level 60 players. Depending on the queue, the game sometimes starts in a 16 vs 16 mode. Outpost Rush is about resource management, objective control, and building fortresses to resist attacks from the opposing team. The goal is to be the first team to reach 1,000 points.

You can play this mode alone or with up to five friends. Once you sign up with your faction dealer, you’ll be teleported to another island, where the event will begin.

The Game Mode

  • Each team starts in its home fortress.
  • Between the two fortresses, there are three outposts that can be captured by either team.
  • Both teams try to capture these outposts.
  • During the event, the defense of the posts must be expanded.
  • Holding an outpost earns 1 point every 3 seconds and killing a player is worth 1 point per kill.
  • Rewards for the event come in the form of rare items and armor.
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During the PvP battle you will have to upgrade your outpost for better defense. To do this, you need to farm resources and complete tasks. An important step to victory!


  • Infused Hide: There are always several wolves in hells, including a huge alpha wolf that provides a large amount of infused fur. These can be used along with other resources to strengthen your outpost. 
  • Infused Ore: The Infused mines are the only place where you can find and mine veins. The mines are teeming with corrupted, including the corrupted ogres Ug and Dug, who guard the largest vein of infused ore.
  • Infused Wood: Ancient groves are areas where there is a high concentration of infused trees. These areas are protected by aggressive dryads that you’ll have to kill to get the resource. 
  • Azoth Essence: Each NPC you kill drops Azoth Essence. This essence can be used at the corrupted portal to obtain a summoning totem. 

Bonus Task

All over the map there are different tasks, which will reward you with buffs.

  • Allies:
    Throughout the map, there are stone portals on the ground where you can summon allied NPCs using a summoning totem (see Resources – Azoth Essence). They will fight with you.
Erweckter Verb√ľndeter
  • Baroness Hain is an NPC that can spawn every 10 minutes. The team that deals the death blow to the Baroness is rewarded with a buff that increases life regeneration and defense for the next 3 minutes. Also, the opponent’s points are frozen, so they can’t get any points for 3 minutes.
Baroness Hain
  • The Corrupted Portal:
    As usual, these portals are guarded by numerous corrupted NPCs. You will have to fight them to get to the portal. Your task is to deposit 500 Azoth Essences into this portal. The last player to complete the 500 will receive a summoning totem.

Expansion of the Outpost

Once you are in possession of an outpost, you have to defend it. As mentioned before, you’ll have to farm resources for it.

The following upgrades are available:

  • Protective walls prevent the capture of an outpost and provide the team with a respawn location.
  • Siege weapons can be built on the walls of each outpost.
  • You can use gates to prevent the enemy from entering.
  • A command post can be built that will give your team more damage and armor.
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