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Woodworking Basics

This profession is very simple but essential for many professions like Furnishing, Engineering or Weaponsmithing. With the help of Woodworking, wood that you can farm through the gathering profession Logging is processed into materials such as lumber and planks. In order to process the wood, you need to go to a Woodshop in a settlement. In every settlement this building has at least Tier 2. If you want to produce higher tiered items, you may have to look for a settlement where this building is more advanced.

In every settlement the Woodshop is standard on Tier 2. If you want to craft Lumber, you have to do it in a settlement which has this building upgraded to at least Tier 3.

Leveling Woodworking: 1-200

For each item you craft you get experience. For items that are available from Skill Level 0, you’ll get significantly fewer experience points compared to an item that is unlocked at Level 150. Theoretically you can increase your Skill Level with every item. But beware: The cheapest material is not always the cheapest solution!


391 x Timber

Requires Woodshop Tier 2

With Timber you learn the first 50 levels and need about 1600 wood from bushes, dead trees as well as young trees. You can cut down these trees with a Logging level of 0.


575 x Lumber

Requires Woodshop Tier 3

As soon as you reach level 50 you can produce Lumber for the first time. For this you need timber and wood from mature trees (Logging 50+). Additionally you need Sandpaper, which you can find in chests in the world. From level 50 you can also produce it yourself with Woodworking.

Since the amount of lumber from step 1-50 will not be enough for you, you will still have to produce a lot of lumber at 51-100. You will advance more slowly, but you will still get experience points.
The experience points increase per level a little bit more.


713 x Wyrdwood Planks

Requires Woodshop Tier 4

From level 100 you can produce the first Wyrdwood Planks. However, wyrdwood is rare in the forests, so the prices at the trading post are very high. To cut down wyrdwood, you need level 100 Logging.


1157 x Ironwood Planks

Requires Woodshop Tier 5

Once you are at a level of 150, you can make tropical wood boards. For this you need tropical wood and wyrdwood boards as well as sandpaper. The felling of tropical trees is possible from a logging level of 150. newworld-map can show you all available tree nodes in the world.


Glittering Ebony

Requires Woodshop Tier 5

With a level of 200, Glittering Ebony makes the most valuable boards, as they are needed for epic weapons and tools, among other things. Besides Ironwood Planks, you need Wildwood and Barbvine, which you very rarely get when cutting tropical trees.

As an add-on, you will need Obsidian Sandpaper , which you can either craft yourself or collect from supply containers in the world.

Woodworking objects

For some materials there are two ways to make them, which is why they are listed twice in the recipes overview in the game. Different materials are used, one lower level and one higher level. So you have a choice and can craft with the materials that are available to you in larger quantities.

Recipe (Profession Level)Materials
Timber 🠝 (0)4 Green Wood
Timber 🠟 (10)2 Lumber, 3 Solvent
Lumber 🠟 (20)2 Wyrdwood Planks, 3 Solvent
Lumber 🠝 (50)4 Aged Wood, 2 Timber, 1 Sandpaper
Wyrdwood Planks 🠟 (30)2 Ironwood, 3 Solvent
Wyrdwood Planks 🠝 (100)6 Wyrdwood. 2 Lumber, 1 Sandpaper
Ironwood Planks (150)8 Ironwood, 2 Wyrdwood Planks, 1 Sandpapier
Glittering Ebony (200)5 Ironwood Planks, 2 Wildwood, 1 Barbvine, 1 Obsidian Sandpaper
Recipe (Profession Level) Materials
Coarse Sandpaper (50) 20 Refined Materials Tier 3, 1 Common Material Converter
Fine Sandpaper (100) 20 Refined Materials Tier 4, 1 Advanced Converter
Obsidian Sandpaper (150) 20 Refined Materials Tier 5, 1 Masterful Material Converter

Origin of the materials

Procurement of raw materials

In order to upgrade your profession from 1-200, you need a lot of wood. With the profession Logging you can earn these materials yourself. The expansion of Logging 1-200 is very time-consuming, but you will get a large amount of wood.

With this wood you can ideally expand your Woodworking. Theoretically, you can also buy all materials at the trading post, but you will notice that especially Wyrdwood and Ironwood will be in great demand and expensive.

WoodBushes, Dead Trees, Young Trees
Aged WoodMature Trees
WyrdwoodWyrdwood Trees
IronwoodIronwood Trees
Material ConverterFaction Vendor
Weak Solventfrom Stonecutting, from Crates in the World

Converters procurement

You can get Converters at your Faction Representative. Talk to him, open the Faction Board and look at the top right of the UI. Press on Buy Rewards. You will see all items he can sell to you.

Common Material Converter (Tier III): 100 Faction Tokens
Faction Rank: Scrivener (3000 Reputation)
Advanced Material Converter (Tier IV): 200 Faction Tokens
Faction Rank: Chronicler (11.000 Reputation)
Masterwork Material Converter (Tier V): 500 Faction Tokens
Faction Rank: Cabalist (26.000 Reputation)

Material Converters require Faction Currency to be purchased

Procurement of refined materials

Refine ProfessionRefined Materials
LeatherworkingTannin – Tier III
Rested Tannin – Tier IV
Aged Tannin – Tier V
SmeltingSand Flux – Tier III
Shelldust Flux – Tier IV
Obsidian Flux – Tier V
StonecuttingWeak Solvent – Tier III
Potent Solvent – Tier IV
Pure Solvent – Tier V
WeavingCrossweave – Tier III
Silkweave – Tier IV
Wireweave – Tier V
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