• Cooking is a Crafting Profession
  • Maximum Level 200
  • With cooking you will make various meals with effects
  • Production of bait for fishing
  • Colors to dye armor
  • Building: Kitchen Tier 2-5

What can you do with cooking?

Recovery Food

Depending on the meal, you regenerate health or mana over a certain period of time. Some also increase your attributes (strength, dexterity, etc.) during this time.


With fish bait you increase the size of fish in salt water. With meat bait you increase the quality of fish from fresh water slightly.

Attribute Foods

With these meals you’ll increase certain attributes such as strength, dexterity, concentration as well as intelligence.

Trade Skill Foods

For Gathering Professions there are meals with which you can increase your luck.


With the help of water and pigments you can make paint to color your armor.

Crafting Components

For some meals you still need ingredients like cheese which you have to make with milk before.

Leveling Cooking from 1-200

For each item you craft you get experience. For items that are available from Skill Level 0, you’ll get significantly fewer experience points compared to an item that is unlocked at Level 150. Theoretically you can increase your Skill Level with every item. But beware: The cheapest material is not always the cheapest solution!

You can start cooking Small Rations right at the beginning. At profession Level 1 you can cook the Recovery Food Travel Ration. With this you can level your profession for a very long time because you can use a large selection of different ingredients for it.

If you click on the ingredient and uncheck Owned items you will see more ingredients that you can use for crafting.

The higher the quality of the ingredients the higher the chance to get additional items.

Since you can get these materials very easily by farming or buying them at the trading post, you can level up your profession quite easily. Even if you can produce better meals with a higher level, it usually makes more sense to stay on the small meal because your materials are much cheaper.
But if you want to earn money, you should also produce larger meals.

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