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Monday, 9. August 2021

Gathering Professions

In any MMO, gathering professions are an important part of the game. Especially in New World, you need large amounts of materials for weapons, armor, tools and more. For you, this means that you can earn a lot of money with them due to the demand.

The higher your level in a profession, the more valuable materials you can harvest and mine. The more effectively you practice your profession, the more talers you will earn for the same effort (that is, in the same time).

For this reason, there are a few ways you can gather more efficiently.


With the help of Engineering (the guide to the profession can be found here) you can create a tool for each gathering profession. The higher your Engineering Level, the better tools you can make. Of course you can also buy them at the trading post. With better tools you increase values like collection speed, resources per mining, additional experience points and items and additional chances to get Azoth.

Which tools are available can be found in the respective professions:

Gather Buff-Food

For almost every gather profession there is also a “buff food“, which is made by cooking. This will increase your luck in getting additional materials.

  • Mining
    • Roasted Potatoes
    • Herb Roasted Potatoes
  • Harvesting
    • Cooked Corn
    • Cornbread
  • Logging
    • Roasted Cabbage
    • Boiled Cabbage
  • Tracking and Skinning
    • Roasted Carrots
    • Herb Roasted Carrots


Effects such as mining luck (chance to get rare items) and mining yield (more resources) can also be found on crafted armor or crafted by yourself.

Selling Gathering Tools

This market offers very great potential for quick coins. Each player can already create gathering tools themselves with Engineering Level 0, but without perks and with a gathering speed of 100%.

So if you develop this profession you will be able to create much better tools and sell them at the trading post. When making tools, you should always make sure that you use Azoth for higher perk chances.
The higher the gather speed of your tool, the more in demand it is.

When creating auctions for your items, pay attention to the quality level and perks. When you list an item at the trading post, it will suggest the lowest price available . However, this will very often be a gray (common) item. However, if you are selling Uncommmong, Rare, or even Epic, it is worth taking a closer look at the prices and which is the cheapest for your item’s rank.

Tip: Don’t just offer your tools in one settlement. The more buyers you reach, the more revenue for you!

City Projects – Community Board

In order to gain reputation, experience and gold coins in your area, there is a board in each settlement where you can accept quests. These are discoveries, kill quests, profession quests, but also gather quests.

Watch the board and look at the items that are being searched for. For the professional quests, these are mostly items that can be made in the low level range.

How do I earn coins with that?

You make these items or collect them. Then you sell them at the trading post. Theoretically, you can also buy up markets and determine the price. BUT BEWARE, because these orders have a rotation. Just because you currently have the order to deliver 20 stone blocks, doesn’t mean that everyone in town has that order.

I have had good experiences with potions (arcana) and fish to date.

Inter-settlement Trading

In New World, each settlement has its own trading post, but they are only connected to each other to a limited extent. You can only buy items that are listed in your settlement. However, you can display the trading posts of other settlements via the selection and thus have a view of the market.

A detailed guide to the trading post can be found here.

This feature allows us to earn quite a bit of money, because we can use the separation of trading posts to our advantage.

As you can see in this example, Steel Ingots are more expensive and cheaper in some settlements. You buy the Ingots in a cheaper settlement, travel to a more expensive settlement and list your Steel Ingots at the trading post again.

But be careful! Take a look at the fees of the settlement you are staying in on the map.
The owner of the settlement can turn up the trade tax so high that a transfer would no longer be worthwhile for you.

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