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Saturday, 31. July 2021

The trading post in New World plays a central role, since here you can sell or buy all your crafted items, from weapons to armor, food to furniture.

Facts about the Trading Post

  • The trading post is cross-faction (The Marauders, The Alliance, The Syndicate, Neutral)
  • The duration of your auctions is adjustable to: 1 day – 3 days – 7 days – 14 days – 28 days
  • Transaction fees are charged: 1-15% (depending on the city owner)
  • Maximum 100 auctions per character (counts for all settlements)

There is a trading post in every settlement or city.
The Trading Post is always indicated on the map (default Hotkey: M) by the scale symbol.

An important point is that these trading posts are only connected to each other under restrictions. This means that you will see items from other cities, but you won’t be able to buy them. It also means that your auctions can only be bought in the city where you created them.

Canceling auctions that you created in another city is possible, but these items will end up in the warehouse of the city where the auction was originally created.

Gold Tip:

If you see that iron ore costs 3.50 gold in city A but 8.50 gold in city B, you could travel to city A and fill your bag with iron ore there. Next, travel to town B and sell your ore there.
Beware: Be careful with the taxes of the city.

How do I buy an item?

When you open the trading post you can filter some things. You can choose between weapons, tools (collectible professions), armor, raw materials, consumables and housing.
In this menu you can also check the box “Can equip“. With this setting, only items you can wear (armor, weapons, etc.) will be displayed. As the name suggests, “Can afford” will only show you items that your gold pouch allows.

Furthermore, you can filter items by socket and gems. The function for filtering effects is interesting.
Effects are the “enchantments” you’ll find on armor, weapons, tools and the like. For example, you can search for the enchantment “Logging Yield” on a lumberjack axe and you will see axes that have this affix.

Under “Showing orders at” you will find all the cities in this game. As explained at the beginning, you can see the items of the other cities, but you can’t buy them. If an item is significantly cheaper in another city, it makes sense to travel there.

The Buy Order

A great feature of New World are the Buy Orders. This means that at the trading post you can create an order for what item you want to buy. As an example, let’s take iron ore.
You open the trading post and search for iron ore. Now you have the choice to place a buy order:

Now we create the Buy Order for Iron Ore:

You can see that a buy order for 0.50 gold per ore has already been created by another player. Under Current Sell Orders you can see that the cheapest ore is in the trading post for 3.50 gold.
I now create an Order for 1000 iron ore at a price of 519.63 gold for 14 days. This gold is deducted from me immediately, although I have not received any ore yet.
By the way, your buyers don’t have to sell you 1000 ores at once but can do it in small quantities. If after 14 days the order is not fulfilled, the remaining gold will be credited to you.

Why would someone sell an ore for 0.50 gold when the cheapest in the trading post is 3.50 gold? The answer is simple: the seller gets gold immediately! He does not have to wait for someone to buy the “normally” created auctions. With a normal auction he is underbid in the worst case and has to renew his auctions. Of course, you also make a certain loss, but many players think “So I immediately have my gold for my work”.

Gold Tipp:

You can use this feature as a source of gold, as you can pick up items or materials at a low price and then sell them at a higher price via “normal” auctions.

How do I sell an item?

As explained in the first part of this guide, there are two ways you can use the trading post to sell items to other players.

The Sell Order

In this example, I would now put 74 iron ore at 3.50 gold each for 24 hours in the trading post. The 3.50 gold comes about because we see on the right hand side that the cheapest auction is just 3.50 gold. Of course, it usually makes sense to be the cheapest, because only then your items will be bought. Beware of people who try to dump the price!

Buy Orders by other players

As you can see on this picture, another player would give me 0.50 gold for my ore. Currently he is looking for 1405 pieces. If I now click on Sell the following menu opens:

Here I decide how many ores I want to sell from my 74 pieces at the price of 0.48 gold. With Sell Now you have earned your gold immediately.

This feature is often used by people to get items cheaply. But it is also interesting for very rare armors. For example, if someone is looking for a certain sword that you can craft, you will now be able to use your resources in a very targeted way.

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