Gold Coins Tip: Gathering Tools

Gathering raw materials such as wood, ores, herbs have an important role in New World. After just a few minutes, we learn how to make a Skinning Knife via the quest line. As the story progresses, you will receive a tool for each Profession as a quest reward.

New World: Flint Harvesting Sickle

However, these tools are very simple and have no Bonuses such as faster mining, harvesting or additional materials. With Engineering you are able to produce much better tools and sell them to other players.

In order to be able to create tools from Starmetal or Orichalcum, you have to invest a lot of materials to skill the profession. For example, you need an Engineering skill of 100 for the Starmetal tools.

How to earn Coins with this

Only a part of the players will level this profession to the maximum, just to be able to make the best tools for themselves. The great mass will go to the trading post and buy the tools there.

New World: Starmetal Logging Axe

As you can see in this picture, this axe already has a Gaterhing Speed of 400% as well as a chance to get 3 additional Perks. These chances are increased by Azoth and Special Resources.

  • Durable – Sliver of Adamant
    Heightens the endurance of your sickle.
  • Azoth-Extraction – Drop of Azoth Oil
    Chance to get Azoth when harvesting
  • Gathering Alacrity – Small Elk Hoof
    50% Haste for 3 seconds after harvesting

For more information on the individual effects and tools, see the guides for the respective professions:

Especially in the early stages of New World you will be able to earn quite a bit of coins here.
During the Gold Rush, it was the tool merchants who got rich, not the diggers 😀

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