Professions Preview: Logging

In my eyes the classic gathering professions are mining, herbalism, furrier and fishing. With New World, you get another gathering profession in the form of logging. You don’t have to do anything other than hack your way through the forests of Aeternum.

“In New World, you can use all 5 collectible professions with one character”.

The advantage of this profession is that you can easily and quickly farm a large amount of low-stage trees such as young and mature trees. Every 10 meters is such a tree.

Wood as a building material is used for many professions in manufacturing. On the way to character level 60, you will encounter several trees. Take the chance to increase your skill for it and get experience points at the same time. If you don’t want to do any crafting professions, you can sell the wood at the trading post.

Trees in the Game

It gets more difficult with wyrdwood and tropical wood, which is much rarer to find. Where you can find these trees and with which tools, armor and buff food you can improve your yield and skill, just have lookt at the big guide.

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