How to: Craft bags yourself!

Bags are playing an essential role in New World, because the bigger your bag, the more efficiently you can farm materials or carry armor and weapons.

By default, your character can carry a load of 200kg without any additional bag. This seems like a lot at first glance, but you’ll notice, that you’ll quickly reach your limits with “farmed” materials like ores and wood.

Once you reach level 10 with your character, a bag slot will be unlocked.

New World Inventory Bag Slot

In addition to looting bags from NPCs or getting it from quest rewards, you can also make your own bags with the Armoring profession.

We are talking about the AdventurerĀ“s Satchel made of either Rough Leather, Coarse Leather, Layered Leather or Processed Leather. They allow you to carry up to 300kg more.

In my bag guide you will find a detailed overview of the production of the bags and their effects!

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