Quick Tip: Quick Salvage

Many of you know the problem, you wander through Aeternum collecting chests, killing enemies and suddenly the character becomes slow because your bag is full. Over time, you have accumulated a lot of armor and weapons, sometimes even unconsciously, because you pick up everything that glows.

Only a few armors and weapons can be sold at the trading post, which is why you have to disassemble them. You won’t find a merchant like in many other MMOs, who pays you for your sales.

Variant 1 (Quick Salvage)

You have the whole bag full of armor that just needs to be quickly disassembled, then you need to move the mouse over the item, press CTRL + S and click the left mouse button.

This variant is also recommended when crafting items. If you don’t always want to disassemble and confirm 50-100 items and more with the function in crafting mode, you are much better off with the “Quick Salvage” variant.

Quick Salvage

Variant 2 (Salvage)

To disassemble a weapon or piece of armor of your choice, open your inventory and hover the mouse over the item. Then press S and click once, confirm your wish for destruction with E and it’s disassembled.


If you are someone who likes to click, you can also click on the item in your bag, bring it into focus, and then press Disassemble without using your keyboard.

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