Crafting – Gear Score Upgrade from 500 to 600

Ever wondered how upgrading armor value works when crafting items? I’ve worked out an example here of how you can make a legendary 600 item from a 500 item.

Credit: Andis Quest (Youtube)
  • Basic
    • Basically, the item has an armor value of 500.
  • Profession Level 200
    • Once your profession is at a skill of 200 there is a chance that the item will get up to 525 armor value.
  • Epic – Legendary Materials
    • The more valuable the material is, the higher the armor value increases. Use the drop-down menu to see which better items you can use. With 3 different resources, you can increase your armor value by 3x 15 points.
  • Skill Armor
    • As you know, there are various perks (bonuses) on your armor which give you, for example, more luck, more resources, and so on. These perks are also available for crafting professions. For 5 slots you get 2 armor value each, which increases your chance to get a maximum armor value by 10.
Skill Armor
  • Pendant (earring)
    • On pendants you can use another crafting perk, which allows you to get another 5 armor value.
  • Buff-Food
    • For each profession in the culinary art there are various skill foods that increase your armor value. The higher the rank of the buff food, the higher the armor value. Maximum armor value is 15.
  • Trophies
    • With the help of trophies you can get a weak, medium and strong bonus for the respective profession, depending on the rank of the trophy. This will increase the armor value by up to another 5 points.
  • Lifestyle
    • This bonus is not determined by you, but by the owner of the settlement and thus of the area in which you are located. On the area planning board you can see which bonuses are active in your settlement.
Bonus Area

As you can see, there are many ways to increase the armor value of your crafted items. If you create an item with an armor value of 600, it will automatically become legendary.

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