Profession Tip: Increase Proc Chance!

The daily business of a New World player is to constantly use the buildings in the settlements: Smelter, Loom, Stonecutting Table, Tannery and Woodshop. For each profession you need huge amounts of refined raw materials from these buildings.

However, many players disregard the fact that they don’t use their bonus proc chance in refining. For example, if you are making steel ingots, you will need 3x iron ingots, 2x charcoal, and the additional material – in this case, Flux (selectable from the drop-down menu):

Selection of Flux
  • Sand Flux (Tier 3)
  • Shelldust Flux (Tier 4)
  • Obsidian Flux (Tier 5)

As you can see in the picture, with the addition of Shelldust Flux, I have a 64% chance of making additional steel ingots. With Sand Flux (Tier 3) this is only 8-15%! If you use Obsidian Flux your chance is even 80-90%! These numbers are based on the level of your profession. With smelting 1 your proc chance is smaller than with level 200.

Steel Ingot with 64% Proc Chance

Cheap Tier 4-5 supplements

Now, of course, you think that the Tier 4 and 5 supplements must be significantly more expensive and therefore the production with them will not be worthwhile – but this is a mistake! Exactly because of this thinking, the Tier 4 Flux costs almost the same as the Tier 3 supplements on many servers.

Shelldust Flux

Is it worth it?

Here is an example with the following values:

  • Iron Ingot: 1 Coin
  • Sand Flux: 1,50 Coins
  • Shelldust Flux: 2 Coins
  • Obsidian Flux: 4 Coins
  • Steel Ingot: 10 Coins
  • Charcoal: nearly for free

Version Sand Flux (Tier 3)
100 Steel Ingot with 14% Proc Chance for additional ingots

Crafting Cost
450 Coins (100x 3 Iron Ingot + 100x Sand Flux)
112 Steel Ingot à 10 Coins is 1120 Coins
Profit (without Fees): 670 Coins

Version Shelldust Flux (Tier 4)
100 Steel Ingot with 64% Proc Chance for additional ingots

Crafting Costs:
600 Coins (100x 3 Iron Ingot + 100 Shelldust Flux)
177 Steel Ingot à 10 Coins is 1770 Coins
Profit (without Fees): 1170 Coins

Version Obsidian Flux (Tier 5 5)
100 Steel Ingot with 89% Proc Chance for additional ingots

Crafting Cost:
700 Coins (100x 3 Iron Ingot + 100 Obsidian Flux)
190 Steel Ingot à 10 Coins is 1900 Coins
Profit (without Fees): 1200 Coins

So you can see that it’s well worth looking at the prices of Tier 4 and 5 additions. This example also works for the other professions of Woodworking, Leatherworking, Weaving and Stonecutting.

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