New Prime Gaming Skin NOW!

As of now, all Amazon Prime members can pick up their next free New World skin via Twitch-Amazon.

This package contains the following items:

  • Pirat Sword
  • 3 Crests
  • Emote: Cutthroat
Piraten Packet Teil 2

How do I get my content?

Once you have connected your Steam account and picked up the offer, your content will be in your inventory (TAB) the next time you log into New World.

Take the following steps to equip skin::

1.) Press TAB to open your inventory.

2.) The equipped clothing items will be displayed on the left side of the menu. To equip your pirate gear, right-click on your garment and select “Change Skin.”

3.) A menu will pop up that says “Select Skin”. Scroll through the list to find the appropriate new item. Select the pirate skin item and click Confirm. (Note: You will need to complete these steps for each item individually; hat, cloak, gaiters and shoes.)

4.) Have fun with your pirate outfit!

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