Outpost Rush is Ready

According to the patch notes from 28.10., we can look forward to the Outpost Rush feature in Europe from Friday, 29.10. from 4:00 am. After numerous problems have been fixed, the developers are now sure that nothing can stop releasing this game mode.

Outpost Rush

The schedule for the opening is:

  • US Westen: 19:00 Uhr MESZ (17:00 Uhr UTC)
  • US West: 10AM PT (5PM UTC)
  • US East: 12PM PT (7PM UTC)
  • AP Southeast: 2PM PT (9PM UTC)
  • Central Europe: 7PM PT (2AM UTC, 10/29)

However, the developers are already warning: If there are problems in the US regions again, the EU launch would be postponed.

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