Exploit update: “98% of duplicated gold and items removed”.

Tonight there was a developer update on the status of the exploit issues. During the first ban wave on 02.11., as already reported, about 1,200 players were banned. About 80% of the duplicated items and currency were found and deleted.

The remaining fake items continued to affect the experience of many players. Especially in the final content, a large part of the community felt cheated.

We apologize for the impact this has had on some of our most dedicated players. It’s disheartening to see others cheat to obtain what you have worked so hard to achieve, while also hurting the economy in the process.

As of 15.11, they are now happy to report that they have been able to delete about 98% of the duplicated items and currencies to date, banning another 460 players in the process.

The small amount of duped items that remain were a result of players who stumbled upon the duping issue but did not take exploitive action, and will not be banned.

We’ve also investigated how these duped items have impacted the end game progression. Our investigation has not shown a significant uptick of max level gear. The below chart shows that the number of players with even a single piece of max level gear is still quite low. We did a specific deep dive into Voidbent Armor, and while some of the armor was duped, much of it was removed from the game through bans and it is still a very rare item. We are still examining the narrower list of items involved in the housing exploit and there will be further permanent bans there as appropriate.

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