Daily Ban Waves – Yesterday over 1,000 players

Community Manager Luxendra reached out to the community last night with some information regarding the issue of bots, exploits, dupes etc. Are they acting too slowly from your point of view? Shared your comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Hey Adventurers,

We wanted to assure you the team is working hard to make New World a fair gameplay environment for our players. We are focused on addressing issues with bots and cheaters. Today, for example, we banned over 1,000 cheaters from the game. We will continue to be diligent in our efforts to identify and remove folks violating our Terms of Service.

If you feel you have been banned incorrectly, please appeal here: 

If you want to report someone for violating our Terms of Service, please do so here: 

Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your patience.

Questions? Suggestions? Found an error? Visit us at our Discord!
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