Developer Update on PvP, War and the Territories

Tuesday evening, the development team addressed the community with a long blog post focusing on PvP. They are aware that the current circumstances do not meet their expectations in any way and are working hard on improvements.

We want to create a game where PvE and PvP not only co-exist but support each other. We also want “wars not ganks”— meaning we want to support meaningful PvP in War and the open world conflict between the three Factions.

New World Dev Zin_Ramu

The developers are working on the following points:

Open World PvP

  • Basically, the PvP is okay, but there is still room for improvement.
  • The 10% XP bonus for PvP flagged players works well.
  • The end-game open world PvP should be more rewarding. For PvP marked players, the following changes would come:
  • Your luck bonus will be increased.
  • Your armor will lose its durability slower.
  • Improve PvP rewards for kills at level 60.


  • There have been complaints that wars occur too frequently. Currently, the cooldown time between war and a new declaration of war is 24 hours. Followed by a 24 hour war announcement, companies have 2 days between wars.
  • The change to the territory influence should increase this span.
  • It is known that 80% of the wars end in favor of the defender, which is why the balancing is observed.

Territory Control

  • Due to the fact that some areas, such as Windsward and Everfall, collect significantly more taxes than a fringe area, they are working on a main revenue source for all areas.
  • If this change is not enough, they are working on other ways to finance all areas.
  • It should be easier for losing factions to gain influence.
  • New PvP missions are planned.
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