Update on the morning maintenance – payday!

This morning there was again maintenance work during which some bugs were fixed. In addition, there were thalers and rewards for failures. Players will receive a one-time refund for house taxes paid since the November 1.1 update!

  • Fixed an issue with the Ritual quest, causing players to become blocked from completion if the Heartgem interactable is used before defeating Alastor.
  • Restored the Harvester Gear set back into the game
  • Speculative stability fixes
  • Some coin reimbursement for particular issues

Coin Reimbursements

Given the recent time skipping issues players have been experiencing, we are also rolling out Coin reimbursements to Companies and players potentially impacted by these issues:

  • Companies will have a one-time reimbursement for any war declarations made since our November 1.1 update
  • Companies who own territories will have a one-time reimbursement for any territory stations that were downgraded since our November 1.1 update
  • Players will have a one time reimbursement for housing taxes paid since our Nov 1.1 update

Companies should expect to be reimbursed once downtime has been completed. Player coin reimbursements will take some time and will be completed by the end of the weekend. We will update you here once it has been completed.

Missing Horticulture Gear

In our latest update, we made a mistake that treated all tiers of the in-game Horticulture harvesting gear as future content, and unintentionally removed them from the game. We apologize for this bug that has caused you to lose some items you rightfully earned. If you have lost an acquired a piece of Harvester Armor you should have an extra Rewards Chest in your Inventory after the 11/23 Patch. The items will be delivered asynchronously from the patch so there may be some time after the patch before the items propagate to you. We appreciate your patience through this issue, but rest assured a new set of gear is on it’s way.

These reward chests contain a full set of Horticulturist armor provided at the highest Tier you personally have acquired in the past for any piece of the Harvester set. They are also rolling at the maximum Gear Score for that tier, and will be useable at any level to ensure you can equip them. These items are marked as Bind on Equip like any Harvester armor piece you would encounter normally. Once you open the chest it will provide you 5 items:

  • Harvester Hat
  • Harvester Shirt
  • Harvester Gloves
  • Harvester Pants
  • Harvester Shoes
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