Undiscovered land on Aeternum

A few days ago, an interactive browser map of Aeternum was presented via the official Twitter account. Reason enough for players to search for undiscovered areas. In the course of this, it quickly turned out that there is still hidden land in the very north of Aeternum!

If you go to map.newworld.com and uncover the north of the map, you will get the message “This region is COMING SOON“. Based on the uncovered coast, you can already see the outline of the area.

New World Map: Coming Soon Area

Some players assume that this is the area of Brimstone Sands. A Tuning Orb for Expeditions/Events named Brimstone Sands has also appeared in the dataminings.

It is not yet clear whether this area will be unlocked with the release or in the course of a content update.

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