The Release – Start @ 08:00 AM CEST (Europe)

“Only the early bird catches the worm”. Amazon Studios has now announced the release time for the start of the servers. So it goes on 28.09 at 08:00 “German time” on Aeternum.

  • 8AM CEST EU Servers will launch (9/27 at 11pm PT)
  • 8AM BRT South American Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT)
  • 9PM AEST Australian Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT*)
  • 8AM ET NA East Coast Server will launch (9/28 at 5am PT)

As you can see, there will be no global release, but always shifted by a few hours. The start at 8:00 a.m. is a clever solution, since many players still have to do their work in the morning and the servers won’t be stormed.


The team of wishes you a nice start!

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