Professions Preview: Engineering

Engineering belongs to the Crafting Professions and can be learned up to level 200. With this profession you are able to produce weapons, tools and ammunition.

For the production you need the building “Workshop”, which you can find in various settlements. The higher the rank of the Workshop, the more valuable things you can produce.

Gathering Tools

With engineering you will be able to build the tools for the professions fishing, logging, harvesting, mining, tracking and skinning in various quality levels. Since these professions are very essential in New World, the demand and need is particularly high. There is a lot of money to be earned here.


For the production of muskets and bows you need to use the workshop, and for axes and spears – the forge.

Treated Wood Bow


The higher your Engineer level, the better ammunition you can build. This ammunition is divided into arrows and cartridges. You will get 50 pieces of ammunition per crafting step.

For more informations how to level this profession, have a look at my Professions Guide.

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