Character & Company names worldwide unique

Recently, there was official information from Community Manager Luxendra on how company and character name assignments will be handled.

  • Names within New World are currently global, meaning first come first served and are locked to an account for a short amount of time even after a character is deleted
  • Company names are also global but are not locked to an account, once a company is deleted, removed, or renamed the name becomes available immediately

We understand there is a desire for some players to lock in your character name as soon as possible. It is possible to do this by creating a character on any available server. It is not necessary to enter the game when you do so, just creating the character reserves the name. The character can later be deleted and the name will be available to your account after a small (approximately a minute) delay.

CM Manager Luxendra

For us Europeans, of course, this is an advantage because we can play first and so many names are taken for the rest of the world.

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