Repair Items in New World

Repairing items in New World is easy as can be – if you know how. Unlike in another unnamed (but very popular) MMO, it is not possible to talk to an NPC and have your equipment repaired. In New World you have to take care of it yourself!

You don’t need much money for this, but you do need Repair Parts. You can get them by salvaging items. You can do this with anything you don’t want to wear, because just as NPCs won’t repair your equipment, you can’t sell them your unloved gear aswell.

To repair individual items, open your inventory, hover over the item and press R and the left mouse button, then confirm with E. Alternatively, you can click on the item, bring it into focus, and then click Repair.

If you can’t be bothered with a Confirmation dialog, you can also press STRG + R + Left Click to avoid it and Quick-Repair your item.

To repair all your items there is a button at the bottom of the screen that says Repair All. A dialog box will open explaining the costs and the required repair parts.

If you want to know how many Repair Parts you own, you can find out in your inventory at the bottom:

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